Constance Talks Medicinal Cannabis

Constance Finley has a deep knowledge pertaining to every aspect of the cultivation, processing and protocols surrounding cannabis, cannabinoids and cannabis oil extracts. She provides symposium, conference and event audiences an opportunity to hear from an expert who has been walking the walk and talking the talk since the industry’s inception. If you’d like Constance to present at your event, please email the event abstract and details here.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements:


MJBizCon, August 14-16, 2018, Toronto, Canada

CannaTech Sydney, October 29-30, 2018, Sydney, Australia

Prior Speaking Engagements:

Paris Colloque at the Sorbonne, June 1, 2018, Paris, France

World Cannabis Conference, June 10-12, 2018, New Brunswick, Canada

CannaTech Tel Aviv, March 19–20, 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel

World’s Fair Nano SF, March 10–11, 2018, San Francisco, CA

CannaTech UK, October 25–26, 2017, London, UK

IACM Conference on Cannabinoids in Medicine, September 29–30, 2017, Cologne, Germany

Turnabout for AutismSeptember 16, 2017, Pleasanton, CA

Women Grow – Bay Area Signature Networking EventSeptember 14, 2017, Oakland, CA

Women Grow – Gold Country Panel EventSeptember 7, 2017, Grass Valley, CA

Cannabis Science ConferenceAugust 28–30, 2017, Portland, OR

Cannabis Compliance ConferenceJuly 19–21, 2017, Los Angeles, CA

Cannabis Life Conference, May 13–14, 2017, Ontario, ONT Canada

CannaTech, March 20–27, 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel

Women Grow Annual Leadership Summit, February 3, 2017, Denver, CO

Unify Fest, September 22–25, 2016, Santa Fe, NM
“Not all Cannabis Oil is Created Equal”

Cannabis Quality Strategies & Solutions Summit, July 19–21, 2016, Los Angeles, CA
“The Cannabis Synergy and Entourage Effect: A Deep Dive”

SXSW, March 11–15, 2016, Austin, TX
“Beyond the Leaf: Cannabis Grows Up”

Hawaiian Cannabis Expo, January 30–31, 2016, Honolulu, HI
“Whole Plant/Healthy Planet”

Cannabis Health Summit, January 23–24, 2016, San Francisco, CA
“The Relationship between CBD, THC and Cancer”

Metabolic Medical Institute Cancer Fellowship Module, December 10–11, 2015, Las Vegas, CA
“Cannabis and Cancer”

Green215, November 22, 2015, San Francisco, CA
“Cannabis Oil: A New Phenomenon”

Awaken America, November 21, 2015, Sacramento, CA
“Cannabis Oil: A New Phenomenon”

National Cannabis Summit, October 12–13, 2015, Denver, CO
“Farm to Tablet: Standardizing Whole Plant Cannabinoid Therapeutics”

Cannabis Education Forum, August 29, 2015, West Hollywood, CA
“Farm to Tablet:  Standardizing Whole Plant Cannabinoid Therapeutics”

Women Grow, August 6, 2015, San Francisco, CA
“Constance Therapeutics—Our Story”

UCSF Children’s Hospital, August 5, 2015, Oakland, CA
“Cannabis Oil: Experience from the Field” (CME-accredited)

Pure Living Expo, July 24–26, 2015, Sedona, AZ
“Farm to Tablet: Is This the Future of Cannabis?”

New Living Expo, April 24–26, 2015, San Mateo, CA
“Cannabis and Cancer: Hope vs. Hype”

Integrated Health Conference, March 20–22, 2015, San Diego, CA
“Cannabis Therapeutics:  Ancient Methodologies Emerging”

SXSW, March 13–17, 2015, Austin, TX
“Cannabis: Past, Present and Exciting Future”