CBD Oil for Sale – But Who Really Needs It?

Everybody Wants CBD When It’s THC that They Need

Because Constance Pure Botanical Extracts was among the first in the world to grow CBD-rich cannabis, as well as the first in northern California and perhaps the world to make CBD oil, most of our inquiries come from people looking for CBD for their medical cannabis needs. However, the reality is, once we learn about the nature of their condition, we usually discuss with their physician an extract that is primarily THC with some CBD.

There is quite a bit of misunderstanding about CBD’s place in cannabis therapeutics. Heightened media coverage and state legislators responding to demand with CBD-only laws have given rise to a few pervasive myths, including one that equates the sole medical value of cannabis with CBD. You can read more about what is myth and what is fact about CBD in our Knowledge Center article, “CBD Fact and Fiction”.

Who Benefits from CBD?

With that said, and from our experience working with various physicians, there are certain types of patients who can benefit greatly from a CBD treatment as an adjunct to their medical routine: epileptics; some patients with severe auto immune disorders; multiple sclerosis patients; some Parkinson’s patients; patients with bi-polar disorder; and people with ADD come to mind.

CBD is particularly well suited as an anti-spasmodic and anti-anxiety remedy. It can also work in fighting pain and inflammation, though we find THC more consistently effective in this regard. Interestingly, THC and CBD utilize complementary and different pathways to fight inflammation. In general, CBD would be recommended for patients who cannot tolerate too much THC and respond sufficiently to CBD for their medical condition.

CBD-only laws have given rise to a few pervasive myths, including one that equates the sole medical value of cannabis with CBD.

THC & CBD Synergy in Cancer Treatment

Many inquiries come from cancer patients who think that CBD is the active cancer-fighting component in cannabis – another myth. THC has been the go-to compound for helping cancer patients for many years. However, more recent research is showing that THC doesn’t act alone. CBD, while having anti-cancer properties in its own right and working on different pathways than THC, boosts THC’s effectiveness by mitigating its undesirable effects, thus allowing for higher doses of THC to be administered for greater clinical efficacy and safety.

Can I Buy Cannabis Oil Online?

Currently, it is not possible to legally buy cannabis oil online. Some manufacturers circumvent that by offering what they claim to be CBD oil made from industrial hemp, which is legal in some countries. Hemp is low in THC and it is debatable whether it has any significant amount of CBD as well. Additionally, a recent report has come out about consumers becoming seriously ill as a result of contaminated hemp oil products, a risk that runs high in commercial hemp production. We strongly caution against buying CBD oil online as it is potentially unsafe and of inferior quality.