The Constance Finley Quest: Making the Case for Whole-Plant Medicinal Cannabis Oil

Constance Finley is many things: She is an entrepreneur and an innovator, by necessity and by circumstance. She’s a bit of a Renaissance woman, too, with a restlessly curious mind who sees societal problems as an invitation to participate and pursue a solution. Hence her previous work at deftly leveraging capitalism to provide low-income and ill people affordable, respectable housing. And today, her mission is to create awareness and advocate for the enormous potential that whole-plant cannabis offers the seriously ill among us. In so many ways her quest and leadership has launched an industry that is redefining the kinds of options available to the sick as they fight to regain their quality of life. Constance Finley is the clearest, most-informed voice of reason as medicinal cannabis is brought to the fore in addressing cancers such as glioblastoma and illnesses like Lyme Disease. Read more.